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2017 12u Aces

Brian Hufford (Head Coach)

Mike Cressio (Coach)

Dave Sweeney (Coach)

2    Bob     Aivazian

22  Pete     Berardini

7   Jeremy  Cressio    
17  Jake      Davis    

5   Sami      Hieta
24  Nate      Hufford 

4   Jack       Jerge        

25  Alex      Lisi     
10  Toby      Schwing  

12  Colin      Sweeney 

1   Tommy   Turner 
16  Evan      Wells 

8   Logan     Wortman


The 2017 Diablo Valley Baseball Aces had a had a tremendous year. Season highlights included a trip to Cooperstown New York where the Aces won 2 out of the 4 skills competitions on opening night. They also finished 5th out of 54 teams.




Tournament Championships


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